金. 7月 12th, 2024

My Highlight


My name is e rozetta.Born in japan.I have worked as a manga creator, illustrator, advertising designer, web designer, caricature artist.

Hobbies and interests/趣味や関心事
I like beauty, books,playing games, and singing.

History and achievements/これまでの経歴や実績
From the 1st grade of elementary school to the 3rd grade of junior high school, she won a gold prize for excellence in paintings of vehicles, buildings, plants, and people in painting competitions. At the age of 17, she submitted a romance girl manga to the girl comic “Chao” and received evaluations that “the boy heroine she drew is cool.” In charge of person posters, DTP design, logo design, web design, etc. at an advertising company. After graduating from Caricature Pro, he works on LINE stamps and caricature art. Recently, he experienced voxel art and participated in thesandbox creator contest, and is currently interested in AI art, photo art, etc., and is exploring his own art style.

Favorite word, motto/好きな言葉、座右の銘
My favorite motto was “Haste makes waste”. In Japanese, it is written as “急がばまわれ”. I tend to be a slow person, so I can say that I have lived my life at my own pace, relying on these words.However, his current motto is “Whoever moves first wins the game,” which is the opposite of his motto. I also want to believe that if I act faster than anyone else, I can go ahead of everyone else.

Life and career
I was born in Kumagaya City, Saitama Prefecture, which is the hottest place in Japan.I was born in Kumagaya City, Saitama Prefecture, which is the hottest place in Japan. I have memories of before I was born. In a country like Europe in the 1940s, I was eating shortcake with a gentleman wearing a hat on the outdoor terrace of a coffee shop facing the main street.After that, I found myself sucking my thumb on the veranda of my Japanese house and looking outside. I think it’s probably a memory from before I was born until about 2 years old in this life.

After that, while I was living with my mother in a small apartment, a large man with tattoos all over his body and no two fingers came to pick me up in a red Porsche. A man who was a former yakuza and the president of a construction company had a child. I came to live with that brother and sister.But there was brutal abuse from my stepfather, and there was abuse from my mother. At the age of 6, I thought about suicide or death, and every day was painful and unbearable.I wasn’t allowed to go to school properly from the second grade of elementary school, and I hardly went to school from the age of 8 to 15.
I went to school in the first grade of elementary school. However, since my mother doesn’t make breakfast for me, when I have an exercise class in the morning, I get hungry and develop anemia, so the teacher makes me eat chocolate.Parents never came to watch the sports festival. We didn’t have lunch, so the principal’s wife made it for us. The lunch box with big shrimp was gorgeous and surprising.

When I was eight years old, my mother eloped with the man she was having an affair with. I was taken along with my brother.My mother thought she would be killed if she was found because her father-in-law was looking for her. For a while, I continued to live on the run in my car.At that time, I was stocking cup ramen. In order to eat the noodles, I was getting only hot water at the convenience store. Sometimes I was turned down by the staff. I hated it.

When i was 10,my mother is divorced. Then I had a sister with a new man. When my mother was away to give birth to my sister, I was sexually abused by a man.When my mother found out about it, she was furious. I left home with my brother and mother.Later, I received alimony from the man. But I was harassed for a while.

After that, my mother started working at night. After a while, my mother became a drug dealer. And my mother herself became a drug addict.At that time, I packed drugs, carried them to drug dealers, and assisted in crime.The mother’s addiction worsens, and she begins to behave strangely with withdrawal symptoms.My mother poured kerosene into the house and set it on fire.My mother got on my sister’s horse and strangled her neck, causing an attempted murder. I gave my mother a flying kick for the first time.My mother put a belt around my neck and attempted murder.As I was going to school to eat school lunch, the teacher found out about my strangulation marks, and my mother was forced to be hospitalized at a police hospital.

My brother and I were sent to a facility and graduated from junior high school. I didn’t want to be in a nursing home, so I didn’t go to high school and lived with a man. And when I was 17, I gave birth to a child.I lived with my mother for a short time before having children, but her drug addiction worsened. After that, my mother conspired with a man to commit a robbery, but was arrested red-handed and sentenced to five years in prison.That was the first time I stood on the witness stand. I was 16.There was a pressurized question and answer session by the police lawyer, and I didn’t flinch. At that moment, I was happy with my guts.But my grandmother got upset and started crying. When I saw it, I laughed because my mother was unfilial behavior and misfortune of a child.

At that time, I wanted to be a manga artist, so I drew a manga and applied to a publishing company. I received an evaluation that “the heroine boy I drew is cool”.I was 18, my husband did not work and was a drunkard. I couldn’t take it anymore and left home with my daughter.After that, the divorce was finalized, and the alimony received only the car I was riding at the time.I got a job selling alcohol on my 20th birthday. I will be a cabaret club mom for a short period of time.With the money I saved, I went to a shoe designer school in Yokohama.After graduating, I learned illustrator and photo shop to sell shoes on the web.Opened a purchasing web shop in Korea. Around this time, I taught myself English and Korean with a bookkeeper and color coordinator.After that, with the rise of fast fashion, shoes did not sell at all and only inventory remained.At that time, I was subjected to moral harassment by the person he was living with. Days of delusion of murder continue, and before it becomes a reality, she is saved by her current husband.

I used my skills to get a job in the advertising industry. I honed my photography and writing skills.He became interested in caricatures and completed a professional training course, but he was not addicted to caricatures and started digital art.I’m addicted to apex, starting PC games to become a gamer by mining. Originally fond of games, Super Mario series, Tetris, and Time Crisis are excellent.